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Helix Florida

Helix FloridaSM is an online course for the modern bar studier with all the resources you need to prepare for the Florida bar exam. With varying instruction methods that intersperse interactive outlines with short videos, flashcards, practice questions, and even games – the Helix Florida study plan will keep you actively engaged and moving forward in your course to ensure you cover all the content and practice you need by exam day. Helix Florida opens 20 weeks before the bar exam and covers the Florida essays and multiple-choice (Part A) and the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE, or Part B). The course includes over 3,500 practice questions (NCBE-licensed practice questions for the MBE, Helix-developed NCBE-like MBE and Florida multiple-choice questions, and Building Block Quizzes testing black letter law), outlines, 400+ videos, diagnostics, and practice exams, five grading opportunities for the Florida essay exam, and a suite of grading tools including Issue Highlights and Grading Grids. The course also includes digital flashcards, the Helix Game Center, webinars, Helix Pass Classes for the MBE/ Florida multiple-choice, Florida essays, and more. Helix Florida also includes the Helix Florida Book Bundle for offline study and all printed materials are also accessible as pdf files within the course.

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